Found some Older UBM Techweb & Trainsignal Samples of Mine: Publishing Some Here

0A2E241D-E004-4B73-BB6F-0E507966264BAs some of you who have been following my work or my portfolio may know, I used to write for a number of IT-related (enterprise or B2B) websites and media. They included Trainsignal (an IT coursework company that now is called Pluralsight or was bought out by them) and a network of enterprise B2B websites covering topics such as big data analytics, cloud computing, virtualization, networking and more called UBM Techweb.

2CA30822-A376-4ABE-BB49-EEFCFD24F57BMost of this work is not published anymore and I reserve the author rights, so I have decided to publish some samples here and some are already published on my portfolio. Please note that they are my copyright, but if you want to work with me on publishing any of these pieces or have me rework them and turn them into a new feature based on more up-to-date happenings in the enterprise and tech world, please let me know.


Here was a story based on interviews I conducted with cloud computing experts over Skype from Silicon Valley that offered insight on where the technology at the time (this was a few years ago) was heading in terms of enterprises and markets as well as the difference between private, public and hybrid cloud offerings. The larger story had two more interviews and was a longer and more in-depth feature, but UBM Techweb published this focused piece below on hybrid cloud (I will try to look for the larger feature as I may have it still saved somewhere and share it):

Keep in mind that even thought I mentioned both Pluralsight and UBM Techweb, most of the samples above were published by various UBM Techweb sites I wrote for, so I will try uploading and sharing more of my Pluralsight stuff here as well. I also did some offshoots of stories for one that would be tailored for the other. For instance, the David Linthicum and hybrid cloud computing article above I published as part of the larger (and in three parts) cloud computing comparison (with two other analysts interviewed and added into the larger story) for Trainsignal, but the focus on hybrid cloud and Linthicum story linked above was published on a UBM Tech site

0E3DB233-2933-46D6-9E82-F95BB1C0CF5BI enjoy improvising and changing angles as well as stories to suit different topics, media or simply angles. I have a lot of experience of covering enterprise and IT topics that I can definitely turn into a story of a unique angle or use some interviews or older stories to put together something interesting based on new research, happenings or events. This is just part of my larger backlog, so if you are interested just let me know on any of these stories or angles.

Also, most of the topics I covered and would not mind starting to cover again could be described as technical analysis of the IT, enterprise and B2B industries. Some of the topics, as you can see, are more technical in nature while others are more newsy in nature. Others srill, may be more of an informed opinion based on research and analysis from different siurces. The entire private vs public vs hybrid cloud piece (if I can find it) could even be clwssified as a white paper. Anyway, if you enjoy my coverage of this industry, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will keep updating this post and may turn it into. new section under portfolio or add some content there also.


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