So I Have Been Contributing to Forbes Lately

forbesBesides starting a new venture helping a Polish startup with marketing and online presence — social media, press releases and the like — I have been contributing slowly, but surely, to Forbes. I was contacted by Forbes not long ago to sign up and start writing for their blog in more personalized style posts, but have decided to mix it up and write both first-person stories as well as features using AP style sourcing and spare use of personal opinion.

Here is my profile in case you are interested in following my work there.

I had this unpublished feature about manufacturing and using IoT and machine learning tech to augment traditional manufacturing processes. I decided to publish it as my first post on Forbes while having the writer block (it seemed everything was already covered that is trendy and every idea I had did not excite me). I did add to it a bit, but overall had to shorten my original idea that had me write in depth about IBM Watson IoT among other specifics of how companies are using AI/IoT for manufacturing.

It actually took off quite nicely with multiple retweets and likes on LinkedIn. I was surprised how hot this topic is. What is also a bit of a curveball is that I was originally assigned to just cover consumer electronics. However, everyone is already covering this and that is why I had a writer block on what to write about in this space, hence why I did this story. It also has generated around 1,500 views, thus far, which is nice as my other stories have not come close to this.

After publishing this story, I looked for consumer tech to cover, but almost everyone has an opinion on the latest Apple announcements and everything else going on in this space, so I wanted to do something else. I decided to cover Bitcoins and cryptos due to all the news about so many scams, heists and crypto hijackings going on in the past week or so. I wanted to put all the news in one post with some opinion thrown in on government control vs the digital currency being totally unregulated (obviously there are drawbacks to both approaches).

Finally, my latest story I published today deals with Black Friday. However, my twist on it is how it is becoming popular here in Poland even and spreading internationally. Here are the three Forbes articles, blog posts or features (call them what you want) for you to check out:

How Leveraging The Internet Of Things for Manufacturing Can Be A Game Changer

What Some People Will Do To Secure & Turn A Cryptocurrency Profit

Black Friday No Longer Just An American Event As It Spreads

Is Dropbox Still A Great Cloud Solution Today? 

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