Some of My Latest Forbes Articles Worth Checking Out


I would like to highlight three of my latest Forbes articles (I also included a fourth from some weeks before) because I have added all of the art or graphic design within them. I also wrote and edited them entirely. The way being a Forbes contributor works is that if you are vetted and accepted as a good writer, all of the reporting and writing is usually done by the writer (unless red flags come up than the editors get involved); thus, the articles are also entirely self edited.

Thus, here are three of my latest articles worth checking out with a lot of different artwork I have created (I may highlight some of these samples in separate posts as there are more variations I have stored on my hard drive and iPad):

I hope this showcases some of my reporting, graphic design and multimedia skills in general for anyone or any media interested in collaboration with me. I enjoy combining various multimedia together from graphic design, photography, text and video into interesting story telling and content.

I have played around with some of the images using pixel creator apps, Adobe Illustrator effects, and other software for interesting effects. You may see some of the differences above and here are some more below.


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