2 of My Recent Forbes Articles & Visual Design for You

D29060C3-703A-4C7B-B244-05FC92209022As you may know from my last few, or so, posts, I have been writing for Forbes as a contributor on various aspects of technology: from robotics to AI, chatbots and cloud storage providers. This is a great niche or topic area for me because it also lets me practice my graphic design skills or gives me an excuse to keep working on the idea of mastering Adobe Illustrator (in addition to iPad apps like Procreate for pure raster work).

Yesterday, I decided to write again about gadgets because I figured it is part of my topic area of innovations because the coverage included foldable phones —- yes I know, the hot topic right now regarding mobile tech. However, I was told to calm down a bit from my main editor in covering too many different topic areas. Apparently, my main niche is security now although I am in talks with that same editor in letting me just cover innovations as a whole — we’ll see how this goes although I am not holding my breath particularly in the world of online journalism.

Either way, the article is published and it is among those that reached over 1k views. It also shows my multimedia skills and the ability to switch coverage of a wide range of topics within tech at a whim. You may remember, I started this site some years back after getting an iPad as a gift and this motivated me to focus a lot of my writing efforts as well as gaming, graphic design, etc. On mobile and the iPad in particular; I am actually writing this blog post on an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Thus, despite not updating my mobile OS, iOS to be exact, for quite a while and having a 2017 iPad when I wrote the piece yesterday, it felt natural for me to cover foldable phones. Note, I actually may have an up-to-date iPad today (one day after writing this article) as a family member came to see me here in Poland with an iPad Pro (although no stylus). I am trying to encourage them to return it and switch for just a regular 2018 iPad with APple Pencil support, either way it is looking like I can finally do some illustrations and graphic design with a pencil soon.

The reason that I decided to cover this topic, and try my hand and gadgets again, was due to the fact I kept seeing various coverage of these upcoming phones when flipping through tech news on Flipboard And Google.  I also felt it was a good idea to do such a piece in case I want to get into publications such as Wired, Ars Technica or others over time since this is a huge topic area that gets a lot of eyeballs rolling and clicks as a whole.

The article I wrote yesterday that I started actually writing in a bathtab on my iPad and finished on my Macbook Air is here:

Here is some graphic design I created for it:

I also would like to add some graphic design for an article I wrote a couple days ago about branding and marketing.  The article can be found here:

Here are some graphics that I created for it:

Hope you enjoyed some of these ideas I created and my articles and I look forward to sharing future updates to you. If you work for a company that can use any branding., marketing, writing, graphic design, or multimedia work just send me a message and we can talk.

It is nice being ranked at the top of Google’s news algorithm with my stories:

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