Twitter Is a Biased, Money-Hungry and Hypocritical Company

So the other day I found out Twitter suspended my account out of the blue without a warning or explanation. I have other accounts so this does not bother me. This was not my tech or journalistic account, but an account I used for political debate and other controversial debates.

The funny thing is they did this because I insulted a third-wave feminist by calling her a tard, in good fun of course, yet multiple people on Twitter called me worse, including this very feminist who I simply responded to. Many other extremely race baiting, super left-wing (I am a centrist by the way) and social justice warrior type of people who use the platform for propaganda and spreading their views also called me worse.

On one occassion a woman actually made up lies about me to her Twitter friends and they did not even give her a warning. She did this just because she did not like me tagging her, yet Twitter found her lies and insults just fine on that occassion. I got an e-mail back where Twitter claimed they reviewed the complaint and found nothing wrong. But here they are. Suspending one of my account for a single comment.

Another person named Ania S. reported me and blocked me just because she thought I was rude since I questioned her programming credentials. I simply found it odd any professional and reputable company would hire a lifelong writer who took one online course, or Bootcamp as she called it, as a full-time developer. But on this crummy platform questioning people I guess gets you blocked and called rude.

Oh and get this. She had the audacity to tell me not to work for free like I am some bum writer just starting out. That is why I questioned her to begin with. I simnply told her I am trying to also get into graphic design in addition to writing and she acted so smug like she was king kong of Poland (I am also born in Poland and like her lived much of my life in the U.S.) and I am suppsoed to bow down to her or something. But that is another case and another person.

The thing that really amuses me about the social media platform that is Twitter and this situation with this person (not Ania S. again that was a separate disagreement and not related to third-wave feminism) is how biased Twitter is. This was at least a month ago and now they decided to act on this as a permanent suspension. I understand other users act like her and Ania S. and reported me, but why the bias? Why the discrimination against me and not them or their trolling on the platform as well as propaganda?

Let us take a look at Donald Trump, the current U.S. president and his known history with the platform. His Twitter account is known for all sorts of baiting, trolling at times and definitely insults. It got so bad they may even have contemplated blocking his account as well, but than the CEO decided to kiss his ass during their personal meeting.

Obviously if you have a certian ammount of followers, influence or make Twitter a certain ammount of profit, they will overlook everything. So that alone shows how biased and profit-oriented the platform is today.

Secondly, this perosn who the Twitter email responded to blocking my account claimed she had a friend who worked at Twitter. So again bias, influence and discrimination. This is the platform Twitter is despite trying to push a leftwing agenda or acting like they ar epushing such an agenda, the fact is they are just as biased and just as discriminatory as any conservatives are in the judicial system, in government, in schooling at in any other field.

I also happened to find an interesting article proving my point. Apparently, they cannot touch Trump, but ban accounts who spill similar rhetoric to him and ones that he actually retweets. Talk about bias and them being a money-gruby company letting Trump post due to his importance to the platform.

Like I said, I have other accounts and can easily make new ones. I just find it funny how a platform will support one political cause when they claim to be neautral or unbiased and want to make it safe for all users. It is also funny how they pander to Trump or others regardless of politics if they bring them enough new users or revenue.

Basically, all it takes is someone knowing someone who works at Twitter to apparenly get you banned for simply clling them a tard. But it is ok for that same person to call males or men a patriachy and other catchphrases as well as insults.

By the way, my original tweet where I used tounge-in-cheek to annoy her as she was annoying me with her extreme views and venom spouting against everyone, responded to her snitching on me and claiming I violated the rules by exploiting Twitter. She claims because I have more than one account I exploit Twitter.

But many users have multiple accounts and I doubt any of them are considered exploiters. She simply said this because weak people cannot argue back they have to use insults or make lies up against people like me epxloiting Twitter to feel good about themselves.

Either way, I am sure Twitter is not done with its controversies and I for sure will not be writing a great deal of positive things about this company or support them in their effort to convince people they are unbiased and welcoming for all equally.

Oh, by the way, I do also realize and mentioned in this blog post that I have got into it with other Twitter users. But again so does Donald Trump and many of their users, aprticularly the third-wave feminists and social justice warrior types who always race bait or use race in every discussion. That is what I am getting at is the hypocricity of the platform.

Still, according to an e-mail I received, it was for this one comment they actually suspended that account.

Twitter reminds me of a schoolyard with a lot of garbage mixe din with interesting people and discussions. In fact, I sometimes see full-on pornography gifs on my feeds and apparently Twitter sees nothing wrong with it, but they find the word tard offensive as long as the person has a friend or knows someone working for the company.

The one good thing about this is it made me realize the waste of time using Twitter for discussion is. The only worthwhile thing about it is using it to showcase your company or some of the work you do and hope it catches interest. I may continue just doing this if Twitter does not retaliate against me and disable my other accounts for writing about them in my honest opinion of what I think of their platform.

With that said, here is an interesting article that touches upon many of the things I touched upon in this blog post.

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