Writing & Journalism Portfolio

Here are some of my writing samples published on numerous online networks. They are mostly related to technology, but some are straight AP news samples or relate to various subject matters. Most of these samples are not tied to the main blog on here, but published elsewhere including big media. Some for these samples are feature stories of over 1000 words. Others are shorter news pieces. However, they all show my knowledge of the mentioned subjects and my writing style. Most of them are segregated by themes, but some of the important networks or publications I have under one subhead like IDG (PC World, Macworld and Techhive).


Forbes Articles (More than 30 Published) Related to Tech & marketing Innovations Including Some About Cybersecurity

Forbes Profile with More Than 30 Articles to My Name


The Digital Enterprise

Green Data Centers

Ghost Writing Sample Related To Artificial Intelligence (AI):

How Startups are Utilizing Watson AI Algorithm for Mobile Workflows


AppleMagazine/Techlife News (this is a digital magazine in ePub format):

AppleMagazine – Being an Apple Employee


Google Drive

Here is an entire issue you can check out where I wrote the cover story, titled “Outsourced.” The cover story was based on Foxconn and Apple’s controversial partnership that later prompted Apple to audit Foxconn factories:

AppleMagazine – 17 February 2012

Here is a redent piece I did for Polish news site Kraków Post: please note this was heavily edited as my submission piece had too much personal editorial thrown in as a way to make sense or the event rather thsn hard news (what they wanted). The editor also added the final paragraph from AP as ai saw no right-wing revolt/riots or anything of the sort during my time at the event (early afternoon).

Poland’s Armed Forces Day

My write-up on this blog about the piece, my original submission and how it was revised by the editing team without my knowledge:

How Krakow Post Changed My Story…

Tech Times:
145 million eBay user accounts hacked: What lesson did we learn?

FCC votes on Wheeler’s new net neutrality proposal: Should there be Internet ‘fast lanes’?

Google must respect people’s ‘right to be forgotten’ and delete sensitive links when requested: European court

Macworld Guide or eBook I worked on with my byline as the Assistant Editor
Mac Basics: Mountain Lion Superguide

PDF version (scroll a bit to see my name)

Newspaper Clips (published in Both Print & Web)

Splendor in the Grass (Palo Alto Weekly)

‘Canvassing’ the neighborhood (Palo Alto Weekly)

Feds award $17 million in transit grants locally (The Almanac)

The Orion Chico State Newspaper Student Stories

Sunshine Kis Provides Acceptance for Everyone

Unpublished Feature AP Newspaper Stories — some investigative reporting involved

Peanut Butter and Jelly Time (Blogspot)

Couples Disagreeing Politically (Blogspot)

UBM Techweb/DeusM

Big Data: Turning Supercomputers Into Rock Stars (SaaS In The Enterprise)

The Cloud & the Enhancement of the Brain (SaaS In The Enterprise)

Gawker Media

Access Your Media From the Cloud (Gizmodo)(Lifehawker)

IDG Consumer & SMB

How Augmented Reality is Redefining Entertainment (Techhive)

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Review (Techhive)

Razer Still Developing a Gaming Tablet (PC World — the headline is different as it was edited by someone else)

TabTimes (digital tablet magazine)

case study

XF Investments

Battle of the 2 tablet Operating Systems

Choosing Between Tablets or Netbooks

Copier Blog Posts (Copier.com)

Google vs Apple

The Battle Escalates with New Products (Trainsignal)

Case Study About Cloud Computing (Trainsignal)

Part I

Part II

Part III

Cloud Computing Web Features

How Cloud Computing is Changing Enterprise Productivity (Trainsignal)

Profile on SeaMicro (Trainsignal)

What iCloud Means for Apple Users (Trainsignal)

Cloud Gaming Service OnLive Now Available on Android Tablets (PDFdevices)

Techopedia: IT topics and enterprises

Difference Between a CIO and a CTO (Techopedia)

Viruses & Security Threats Features

Flame Virus is Creepy but Shouldn’t Be a Threat to You (Techlicious)

Flashback Mac Virus: What It is and How to Remove It (Trainsignal)

Desktop IT Software Features

Windows 8 Shortcuts (Trainsignal)

Overview of Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging (Trainsignal)

Tablets, Gadgets & Computers Web Clips

5 Mobile PCs to Look Out for in 2012 (Trainsignal)

Windows 8 Tablets — Part I (Trainsignal)

Windows 8 Tablets — Part II (Trainsignal)

Upcoming Acer Tablet Will Feature Resolutions of 1920×1200 (PDFDevices)

What to Expect from the iPad 3 (PDFDevices)

Mobile Phones and Other Hardware Features

What the Windows Phone OS Offers Mobile Users (Trainsignal)

Apple TV vs Google TV (Trainsignal)

Guest Postings/Ghost Blogging

Bring Your Own Devices to Work Has a Dual-Cost Impact for Employers (Trackvia)

Online Guides

Multitasking on the iPad Guide (iPadModo)

How to Fix a Broken iPad Screen (Trainsignal)

Hardware Reviews

Thinksound ts02 8mm Headphones (Appmodo)

Radiul Mobile Review (Appmodo)

Photo Editing/Digital Photography Web Clips

Want Photoshop Light on Your iPad? Check Out Art Studio for iPad (TogTech)

Turn Your iPhone Into a DSLR with Attached Lenses (TogTech)

Purchase a Classical-Looking 35mm Camera for only $99 (TogTech)

Stereoscopic 3D Tech Web Clips

Nvidia 3D Vision (3DTV)

LG, Samsung and Sony Battle Over 3D TV Tech (3DTV)

A ‘3D Film Industry’ Editorial (3DTV)

3D Printing Web Clips

3D Printers and STL Files (3DTV)

D-Shape 3D Printer May Redefine the Construction Industry (3DTV)

3D Printers May Spark New Copyright Controversies (3DTV)

First 3D Printer for Consumers (3DTV)

3D Printing Used in Film (3DTV)

Social Media Web Clips

Various Android Users Now Have Access to Popular iPad App Flipboard (TMCNet)

Social Networking Healthcare Company, Alliance Health Networks Acquires Medify (TMCNet)

My Online Media & Technology Blog (with many samples)

VoIP Web Clips

VoIP Startup KeKu Will Soon Offer Landline, VoIP Calling to International Users (TMCNet)

VoIP Communication and Telephone Systems for Businesses (Suite101)

iOS Gaming Features (Published on Blogs)

Games Can Have Great Controls on iPad, iPhone When Developers Innovate (Appmodo)

Hunters Episode 1: Gameplay Hands-On for iDevices (Appmodo)

7 Must-Have Games for the Fling Controller (iPadmodo)

Video Game & PC Game Web Clips

Bioshock Coming to PS Vita (FPSWin)

Mario Kart 7 Now Available for 3DS (3DTV)

Stereo 3D Comes to the Xbox360 (3DTV)

Virtual Reality Vision Heading Toward Reality in Gaming (Suite101)

My Coverage of Macworld 2011 (All Multimedia Was Taken by Me and Inserted to WordPress & YouTube)

Macworld 2011 Media Evening Reception — Impressions (Appmodo — this was a breaking story as no other blog really covered this pre-event)

Macworld 2011 Photos from First Day of Event (Appmodo)

Interview with Fargoal Creator Jeff McCord — Exclusive Sword of Fargoal 2 Footage, Info (Appmodo)

Interview with Jeff McCord — Part 2, Future Trouble Brothers Games Revealed (Appmodo)

Films, Hollywood & Entertainment Web Clips

The Hobbit Gets a Trailer (3DTV)

New German Documentary Available in 3D (3DTV)

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Gets a Trailer (3DTV)

Jurassic Park is Being Converted to 3D (3DTV)

Robotics, Mechanics & Science Web Clips

Honda Robotics Showcases UNI-CUB at the Miraikan Museum (TMCNet)

Press Release Web Clips

MDiagnosis Announces the Release of Caracal Diagnosis Mobile App (PR.com)

IntelliVocab 1.5 Released to Improve English Vocabulary Interactively (PRmac)

iCan ABC Announced (PRmac)


Lana Parker (real name: Svetlana Tsukanova)

PR Manager


Twitter: @VelvetMobile

She is one of the people who recommended me on LinkedIn (her profile). I also helped Lana with the app description for Caracel Diagnosis on the App Store as part of her PR campaign, as well as wrote this top three medical apps article for the campaign.

Despite having posted many samples on this portfolio, I don’t have enough room or time to put every single piece of writing that I’ve had published online here. I also don’t always update this page right away when new samples are published. This is why I decided to post some of my profiles with many samples under my name below. I think the Trainsignal samples below best illustrate my technical content writing ability, so I put my Trainsignal profile first. The other samples below are also worth reading though and should have dates of my writing showing. If you want to get a better picture of my abilities and the way my writing continues to evolve take a look at these profiles below with my works:







Here is my LinkedIn profile with five recommendations so far from editors and Web managers: Mike Lata’s LinkedIn.

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