Video Production

Here is a secrion dedicated to my video production and editing work. I have been learning and expanding my skillset in video production to include filming, taking screenshots of apps, using photography and graphic design to create compelling video content.

I enjoy creating video ads for marketing as you can see in one of the clips below (Screenplay for iPad advertisement I used for a PR position). I also created a couple ads for myself and my graphic design work in the two initial clips below. Besides marketing and quick videos to showcase a company, an app, a product, or generals service, I enjoy creating unique film content as well. The last clip below entitled, “A bad way to start the day” was just such a short film. I created and shot it using a digital camera and Final Cut Pro for editing.

Please Note: If you only have time to check out one or two clips below than head on over to the bottom section to check the last two clips shown there. I used Final Cut Pro and my own voiceover work for post production for these clips. They include some of my content showcasing my graphic design work while one of the films below is a short film where I shot and edited all content.

A Space Game Concept (game trailer) I designed from scratch – from the art assets to storytelling and even my voice thrown in at the end for good measure:

A short gaming-based stop motion animation I created:

Below are showcase clips of my graphic design work and some abstract concept ideas such as Warsaw street art I created as short mini films of different concepts using iMovie in this case (Unlike Final Cut above) thus they are simpler, but still showcase some cool ideas and my multimedia skills:


Here are some projects I made showing some of my video-editing skills. The first one is an iPad app (Screenplay for iPad) that I used my voice over to create a VNR for — as an application for a PR position. It is an ad showing the features of the application and I read a segment of the description from the press release — Here is an example from PRmac. I aimed for around 40 seconds and achieved this goal well. I used Audacity for voice editing and clarity — and AVS for the video editing segment.

The second video was more complicated and I shot all the footage — as well as edited them together with audio and transitions between cuts. I also star in and the project was a final assignment for a class teaching camera work, video editing, and film-making. I learned about angles of camera and video editing through this project. It was done using Final Cut Express and using my digital camera.

Besides these two projects, I have also produced the video presentation for in the “about us” section — I am credited at end. You can see it here.

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