iOS Game Reviews

TouchArcade (number one mobile gaming site right now):

Axe.IO Review

Reed Review

Other, much-older, reviews for various mobile gaming websites:

Battlezone 3d Eastern Front Review: Freemium-Online-Tank Warfare with up to 20 People

Captain’s Fury Review: Take Command of a Battlecruiser, Destroy Everything in Sight

Beast Boxing 3D Review: This Sluggerfest Packs a Serious Punch

Fumes Stunt Racer Review: Amiga Classic Brought to the Modern Age

Crystal War Review: Goblin-Human Warfare with Charm

Pizza Boy Review: Retro Goodness Worth a Slice

Pizza Boy Review in my own format

Trainyard Review: Move the Little Guys to Safety

Review with my own format for Trainyard

Evac HD Review: Pac-Man Modernized, in Flashy Pink

Samurai 2 Vengence Review: Cell-Shaded Graphics, Heads Flying in All Directions (universal)

Braveheart Review: Circular Sword-Swinging with Some Mindless Fun

EA Sports MMA Review: Submit Your Way to Victory in the Virtual Octagon (universal now)

Aqua Moto Racing 2: Jet Ski Racing on Rough Waves (universal)

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