Apple Is Seriously Starting to Annoy Me

Self-created Apple graphic design

Apple is a company I became a huge fan of in 2010 after receiving an iPad as a gift. In fact, I started this original blog, which I later turned into a personal website, around this time (called at the time). I still adore the iPad and my iMac. I love Apple hardware, at least certain Apple hardware, but the software and service side of the equation is a different story.

Lately I have been having a major issue with my iTunes and App Store account. I use a family member’s account from the US so that I can have access to all US-based and English-language apps as well as the cheaper price point they go for than here in Poland. Even though this does not circumvent geoblocking entirely, since services such as Netflix and even Apple Music check your IP address and will only allow you to access the content they want you to access from it.

However, I still prefer to use a US account and spent most of my life in the US. There was never a problem with this until recently. All of a sudden, a couple of days ago I cannot make any new purchases or rentals on iTunes (such as movie rentals) or the App Store. This even may prevent me from being able to withdraw money from Binance, at least when using an iOS device, which I always do since I am hardly ever at home. This is because Binance requires some sort of Google verification app to withdraw to your bank account.

So all of a sudden, when I try to make a purchase, I get these two screens below (note I am blacking out the personal details of my family contact):

It asks me to sign in again even though I already have a Paypal account from the US associated with my Apple account and I’ve never previously had problems with purchases.

However, Apple has no option from me to sign in from this screen. When I sign in separately on a browser, nothing changes. When I press done, nothing happens. Keep in mind that this is a separate screen form me going to settings. This screen appears when I try to make a purchase. However, even when separately going into my settings screen and trying to enter this information, remove my paypal account or switch regions, the same issue arises. I can only update apps, but not make any new purchases or new downloads of even free apps.

So I came upon the idea of trying to cancel this Paypal account and either open it again or change regions and add my own Paypal account from Poland to my Apple ID. However, due to me having an Apple Music subscription and no option existing of canceling it on the spot (you have to wait until the subscription time period elapses, which would put me in July), I am stuck.

I guess my only options are either to wait for this Apple Music subscription to elapse and never sign up again to one of Apple’s services (remember they will soon be all about services as that is Apple’s current mantra). Or, have my family in the states try inputting a separate method via a credit card, but I do not feel comfortable sharing this over email or facebook Messenger and it is extra work, which may not even work.

I really think the source of this weird security change and me being prompted to sign into the Paypal account I am relying on for purchases is due to me recently changing my Apple ID password. I did this after sending an iPhone in for repairs (the battery was not accepting charging cables and would drain increidbly fast) and giving them access to my iPhone account. However, it is very strange that it asks me to sign in again and not offering a way to do this directly. It even says this Apple ID is already added when I try to separately add the same account:

“This payment method has already been added to your account.”

So if that is the case why can’t I use it. Why does it ask me to sign in, but not give me an option to?

Thanks a lot Apple for treating one of your loyal customers for years this way and having such backwards of a service and subscription odel in place, particularly among different regions of the world. The bottom line is that Apple should fix their services and payment options before going full in with their services packages they are proposing for their userbase.

Keep in mind Apple is heavily moving into TV subscription services and soon will be offering gaming subscription service called Apple Arcade that will launch in the fall. However, it really needs to iron out the kinks before someone like me delves into these services or considers them. Apple Music is already making me have second thoughts. AppStore/iTunes aspects like changing a country region, cancelling a subscription or putting it on hold right away without waiting for some timer to go off and offering flexible payment methods as well as methods of changing regions, are a must.

By the way, it appears that I am not the only one having such issues with Apple:

[edit] It seems the problem has been solved. I am not sure if Apple heard my call and read this post, but I was able to change the payment method all of a sudden recently. So if you run into this issue, keep trying.

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