Graphic Design

I am continuing to expand my skills into the world of graphic arts — particularly Photoshop and Illustrator for Mac (I have them on both iMac and Macbook Air) and am using iPad apps like Art Studio. I love the digital landscape for art because I am an artistic person to begin with. This was a natural transition for me and I am hooked learning new techniques — like manipulation of layers, vector masks, and shadows.

[Note]: I also have a separate and graphic-designed website here. Check out my portfolio, which includes more samples than on this site and blog.

Also, check out my AI infographic .

Here is a graphic design resume I created entirely in Illustrator focusing just on my graphic work.

Here is an infographic graphic design resume I created using Illustrator and Artstudio Pro on iPad. Although the URLs are not clickable hyperlinks, like the first one above, it is easier to print and a smaller file size. It also is more updated as some of the links in the first one above are no longer active anyway.

My visual ads I created for Google Display Network when working for the marketing branch at InvoiceOcean

Go here to check out my Motion Graphics.

Vector work: using Illustrator on iPad:

Combining vector character or main aspect of focus with a raster background:

Some poster ideas for branding:

Notice the propellers changed from image above plus Apple branding idea thrown in
Poster and branding idea with my own Nike Logo for good measure

Branding Idea Samples:

Below I will keep editing and arranging the sample works as I add new content.  I mostly have kept it chronological from top to bottom (latest to oldest), but not always. Sometimes it is based on what I want to showcase most or like most as well.

Here is a general portfolio of various samples (such as for book covers or gaming ideas):

Fixing a photograph of a clay bull digitally with added shapes via brushes
Photo manipulation woth added bull design
Photo manipulation with added bull design

Some designs I created from a photograph that has me in it after a wrestling class (I enjoy manipulating photographs and turning them into surreal designs):


Artificial Intelligence Concepts

Driverless Cars

Some driverless car (autonomous vehicles) graphic design I created originally from a graphite sketch and imported into my iPad and subsequently Illustrator. I used these in a Forbes articles related to the topic I also wrote.

Pixel Art

Below are pixel art alongside digital illustration work I’ve created (also in the illustration section, but decided to include it here since that section focuses mostly on traditional art I’ve created).



Please see PDF file of compilation of the graphic above here in a compilation.

Mixed media (my own photograhy incuded):

Cloud computing abstract concept from scratch:

Workers working alongside machines:

Another version from the same set I recently fixed (the logs)
Latest version of my 'Day Laborer' design

Data breach in Abstract

More Robotics:

Bird flight

A Google concept image:

An Apple concept where I created everything from scratch including the iPad:

Game Board and pawns I created from scratch and out of a magazine article I vectorized:

Taking the concept further of combining digital illustration with photography. I’ve added photography I’ve taken in Barcelona (the columns on sides of doorway as well as the to ghostly figures that were statues from National Museum in Warsaw I edited and added with low opacity. The rest is from my own assets or digital graphics I’ve created and am reusing, albeit revising, for this piece:

Below is one of my revent ideas to do a project on quantum computing or as I called it, “Out of This World Computing.” Everything is done by me as I took old projects and put them together with a filter into this almost stone-looking Egyptian structure:

Here is my latest Vector-based project using Illustrator on Mac — I used a photograph I took on iPad near me to represent cloud computing and networking, but the rest is all done in Illustrator:


Some more of my pure vector work using Illustrator — this time the concept is Bitcoins:


I wanted to do something entirely hand-crafted on iPad not cut and pasted in a sense. This was a digital illustration done on iPad using a stylus before I bought the Apple Pencil. The idea was to do a cloud computing concept:


Earlier Apple Computer aconcepts (2018)

Bird through clouds (2018) – I drew this bird digitally on iPad and used my own sky photography for background art:

I inserted the bird flying i to Adobe Illustrator, vectorized it by tracing and added some filters and other changes:

A graphic I created for a blog post related to iPad Anonymity via VPN:

Here is a piece I did a few years back for PC World (TechHive blog at the time) where I wrote and researched this entire story and added this image using photoshop and scaling from public image database (as well as Apple’s website for the devices and TV shot):



Artificial Intelligence concept (2017):

Here are some samples of my latest content crearion (the iPads below were entirely hand drawn using my finger on the iPad screen and an app called Art Studio for iPad):

Minimalism concept (more here):


Using basic digital imagine apps on iPad combined with some of my photography and some of my traditional, pastel-based, artwork to create a mini collage of sorts (for more such samples and go to my Art & Illustrations page):


All artwork included in this article was created by me (Maciej Duraj) and is copyrighted If you want to use it, contact me and we can also work on further work for commissions.

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