Learning More Graphic Design Tricks

So, I have been focusing a lot of my recent efforts on writing tech articles for Forbes and marketing for InvoiceOcean (even though I no longer work for them I have done some vidual ads for Google Display Network, which I shared in my last post). However, since I fixed my Mac by purchasing an external SSD drive and running Sierra from it, I’ve decided to reinstall Illustrator and get back into graphic design.

I have also decided to play around with some of my multimedia work as I was looking at graphic design template ideas for CVs or resumes. I saw one template that had an artistic interpretation of a small self portrait and decided to import an old pastel drawing I quickly did by hand and saved on my iPad and play around with the concept.

Here is the original image all done in pastels and pencil, which you may have seen me post here. I did not feel like retaking an image of it, scanning it or looking for the non-water marked version I have saved somewhere on my drive. So, because I needed something to import on short notice, I simply cropped out the one I had to remove background and worked from there.


Below are further images I have created purely with graphic design on my iPad as the image above was done purely by hand using pastels and pencil.

I then decided to playa  around with Artstudio HD and Procreate to create funny interpretations of it and the concept to later maybe use in the Illustrator CV/resume portrait.

Here are some vintage interpretations with a worn-out paper look below and below that image a more abstract variant:



More of a plastic version after I inserted this raster image (done entirely on iPad) into Illustrator and added an effect:


I have also been working on some robotics concept images and gifs, which I may post soon in an update so stay tuned.


Entirely Hand-Crafted from iPad Digital Image Related to iPad & This Site

So I’ve decided to work a bit more on that entirely-from-scratch iPad created digital image that I created its first rough draft wuite a while back (maybe a few years). And I’ve decided — due to being bored at a pub and a bit tipsy — turn it into something related to the site. So here is my creation, mostly using Art Studio for iPad as the app of choice and layers:


One thing I’ve learned doing this project is that instead of doing sometimes many layers or revisions of an aspect of an image, such as in my case the cursive writing, it’s better to just go for it and doing it in one sitting. If you see something that doesn’t look right, just redo it from scratch instead of trying to perfect every minor detail.

My iPad Image Editing Project of the Day

So today, I’ve decided to experiment with using Photoshop-like image editing on the iPad and create a unique design. I decided to use Art Studio for iPad as my app of choice because I have worked with it before and am familiar with its features.

I know it offers layers to manipulate background and foreground images into a final dsign and has various useful tools like paint brush, pencil, eraser, wet paint brush, the eyedrop tool, transformation or selected objects or layers, and the like.

I used the app before to create this image and wanted to do something with it more, to clean it up essentially:


My cleanup:


However, I added myself into the image of the iPad and came out with something a lot more avant-garde, a lot more interesting:


As you can see, Art Studio and its layer options can do pretty interesting things and make the iPad a great and cheap Photoshop on-the-go device. I used a combination of eraser and select-and-clear — with different stroke transparencies for erasing sections out of my originsl image — to clear the background out of my original image:


I was originally going to clear the whole image and just leave myself standing inside the iPad by resizing myself into the outline of an iPad. However, I liked the way a part pf the background remained and it added a weird artistic flair I went with. Then I added the writing in different test layers, or two layers each having test inserted.

Anyway, the cool thing about Art Studio is thst you can save images onto the app itself almost Photoshop-like with the pds format it used, but can also esport images into the iPad’s Camera roll. The export is as easy as some clicks from the camera roll.

I want to also add that I used an app, called Aviary, to edit my original image to the one I used because my original image taken of my was done in bad kighting with weak saturation. Aviary is a great solution for basic image clean up.

Anyway, check out Art Studio for iPad on the App Store for your image manipulation fix. I will definitely continue to use it as it has found a permanent home on my iPad. do have to say that the app takes a descent chuck of memory, so close it after use.