Captain’s Fury Review: Take Command of a Battlecruiser, Destroy Everything in Sight

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Captain’s Fury($0.99) by Dragon Team Interactive is a pick up and play type of arcade shooter that should fit well with iPhone casual gamers but those looking for a little more depth and variety of gameplay than move-and-shoot should look elsewhere. The game is hampered by repetitive gameplay and control problems like movement via tilt.


Captain’s Fury has a tutorial that explains the controls and aims of the game by showing how to take down both ships and enemy planes. There isn’t really much of a story here or any cut scenes. This is purely am arcade game.

There are various missions to go through as you progress in the game and each mission is even further split up by battleship engage in against enemy ships and equipment. You must destroy the opposing forces engaged to move on to the next battle and eventually mission.


You can only move left and right on the sea’s 2d plane and you’re going to be tilting your iPhone back and forth repeatedly as you constantly have to switch directions to avoid enemy fire (I’ve read that the iPad version has touch dpad arrows instead). The ship actually moves quite slow and is slow to react with the default accelerometer sensitivity that can be changed in options. You might as well learn to take hits from bombs that are usually too fast to dodge anyway — especially before upgrading the cruiser’s speed with points accumulated during the missions.


Gameplay consists of controlling a battlecruiser ship and taking down enemies while avoiding torpedoes, missiles, and bombs. There are various enemies trying to destroy you in this game beside just enemy ships like planes, helicopters, and large bosses. You have cannons at your disposal in the beginning of the game but as the game progresses you can upgrade to additional weapons. You can also shoot up at enemy planes. The various weapons also provide strengths and weaknesses.

There are ten stages total in the game and each is divided by acts or battles to win before moving on.


Being able to save between acts or battles and not just once accomplishing stages would be nice. The movement controls also need some fine tuning. There is also no multiplayer of any kind nor GameCenter support.


Although the game can drag on due to there being couple acts per stage and it has repetitive gameplay and control problems, for those looking to just blow a bunch of vehicles up Captain’s Fury should provide some satisfaction. The game is very casual and arcade oriented and there is little strategy involved outside upgrading ship parts. It is also quite a large download although the current price tag at $.99 for both the iPhone/iPod version and iPad HD version is quite nice.

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