Crazy iPad 2 Rumors Appear on Engadget

According to Engadget, the iPad 2 might have a new and faster processor and a retina-like display with double the current pixel density. It might also sport an SD card slot.

I think the rumors sound wonderful if true but a bit farfetched. That is if the iPad successor, rumored to be coming out and unveiled within months, is to remain at current price points.

The SD card slot rumors sound plausable and really necessary in my opinion. I believe flash memory is too expensive to match what netbooks have as storage with movable hard drives so slots like SD is where Apple needs to expand until the prices and technology advances.

Dual cameras are also rumored to be included and I think there is a very likely chance of this happening. No reason not to put that in as the current iPhone 4 has dual cameras. Facetime or some sort of Skype conference calling would rock on an iPad.

I also think that the iPad will have more accurate or higher-def pixel density than the current model, but it really begs the question of how much higher res the display will be.

One thing that is absolutely necessary in my book is for the second iPad to have more ram and be geared from the get go for multitasking. 512 mb is the very least but I would like to see a gig in there. The ram is also more expensive and not the standard ram sticks we see in computers or netbooks however but I believe Apple can pull it off.


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