iPad Touchscreen Issues [update]

Today while I was trying to enter Flipboard, which I have in the seventh screen on my iPad user interface, I’ve ran into some weird trouble. At first I just thought a part of my touch screen is damaged on the lower left where Flipboard is located but soon came to realize the whole screen doesn’t respond to touch on that particular window. The weird thing though is every other screen and icon works fine.

I am trying to figure out what the problem is and whether it is just a glitch or a bug — or something more pernamnet that I have to deal with. I am thinking that an iPad system reboot will fix the issue though. However, all my apps are still easily accessible, including Flipboard, I just have to type them in via the search screen.

Here is the video of me trying to access that screen’s icons and not being able to while going to the next screen and opening an app with ease.

Maybe someone can chime in and give me a tip on how to make icons on all the screens touch-sensitive again?

Update: I fixed the problem by switching off and back on the mute slider button. However, I still wonder what caused the problem.

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