‘Hurdle Turtle’ Offered Free Today, Feb. 19 As Part of Daily App Dream

In association with the Daily App Dream giveaway, Hurdle Turtle is available to download for free on the App Store. This game should be familiar to retro gamers who love systems such as Intellivison and the games that it offered, as ‘Hurdle Turtle’ goes directly with that style of play.

You control a turtle through obstacle courses — the initial course unlocked for you is a standard olympic track — where you can only move around a path set for you that is constantly shifting toward the right. And while your turtle moves, you will have to control his directions of movement and jump over obstacles and objects in your path.

As you unlock new tracks things will get bizarre for you; as the second track had me dodge deer and other animals in the forrest for instance. There are also different turtles with their own costumes and outlook to unlock.

‘Hurdle Turtle’ may be the giveaway’s highlight, but it isn’t the only free app being offered by the Daily App Dream giveaway. Two other games are currently free and as part of the giveaway as well — they are Peppy Frog and iDork XL.

‘Peppy a frog’ is a fun little arcade game where you control a frog in a pool of water while trying to eat small fish and avoid being engulfed by the larger ones. ‘iDork XL’ is a line-drawing game where you help a stick-figured man make his way past 64 levels and draw the path for him.

Daily App Dream is a giveaway to iDevice gamers with different titles on the App Store going free for a day. There is also an app for the giveaway, Daily App Dream, that will inform App Store gamers what titles have gone free periodically.

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