The iPad 2 Was Unveiled — Is Nintendo Bitter About It?

And guess what? It’s coming Friday, the 11th. Apple’s next tablet iteration was unveiled yesterday at an Apple news event in the same downtown area and timeframe as the Game Development Conference (GDC 2011)– that was and still is underway.

What is kind of ironic, is that at GDC 2011 many iPhone and iPad developers were trying to showoff their upcoming apps. Yet Apple swayed many bloggers and journalists from that conference and into their own news event — with Steve Jobs speaking.

Here is a piece I posted for — Where I’ve been writing as of late — about how Apple really tried to crash Nintendo’s GDC announcement and timed their own event to run concurrent to Nintendo’s.

Nintendo also took some jabs at Apple (although not directly), according to various sources present at Nintendo’s keynote, where Nintendo President Iwata made a speech.

Iwata basically claimed that Nintendo games are superior and Tablet and smartphone games are too cheap and ruining gaming. Here is what he said according to Jim Dalrymple from Loopinsight:

“Iwata said he considers Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to be the only ones making high-value gaming products.”

So he thinks Microsoft makes quality products? I wonder if he says the same thing when it comes to their operating systems.

This just shows how scared Nintendo is right now and threatened it the compny executives must feel by Apple and Google. Someone should ask Iwata when a game with the scope of Aralon, or an Elder Scrolls type of experience hits the Nintendo handheld.

Here is my coverage of the iPad 2 and what it will offer for

iPad 2 Revealed by Jobs Himself

Enough with iPad 2 Specs, How Bout Some Software News

This was my story for Appmodo that had a different spin with all the info presented in one post concentrating on specs, features:
iPad 2 Specs Unveiled from Apple Event

Although impressive technically and in regards to the added cameras, I will probably hold off on the upgrade until the iPad 3 and here is the reason why.

A Photoshopped image I made using ‘Art Studio HD’ for one of the posts:

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