Hamster on Coke Games = Awesome Puzzlers


Browsing the SlidetoPlay website this morning I noticed an interesting puzzle game features, showcased or advertised (don’t remember which right now) called Art of Gravity. I was right away captivated by the puzzlers aesthetics and voxel-based 3D level layouts so I had to give it a try.

I quickly looked up reviews on Google and found very few for iOS and a couple more for Steam where the game has also been released. Despite this, I decided to head on up to the App Store and give it a try. What surprised me was also the lack of user reviews, but not too surprising being a niche puzzler that came out a couple months ago or so. I decided to hit the buy button since it was only a buck and haven’t looked back.

Michal Pawlowski is listed as the created on the App Store, but once you open the app you get an amusing and pleasant “Hamster on Coke Games” logo displayed obviously showing Pawloski’s game studio that the game came out of. I must admit, I love the name and style of this Pawlowski (Polish it seems like me by the way) guy and think with such a name, if nothing else, the studio will go far.


Anyway, as I opened the app up and started playing, the game needed to explanation as it spoke for itself. No turorial was shown or needed as you start using your thumb to click on objects and realize that you need to destroy certain voxel blocks in a row to pass onto the next level.

You do this by tapping on gray squares and dragging your thumb our to have a projectile voxel launched at the squares you are meant to destroy. However, there are also these mirror-like walls you need to move or slide up or down using a cyllinder-like icon so the projectile can pass through.

The game quickly becomes addicting, moves at a very steady pace and the challenge picks up. It is truly a puzzle game fan’s delight. The visuals are pretty catchy as well with a neon-light style to them and a Tron-like atmoshere.

I haven’t got far enough in the title for a proper review, but feel enough needs to be said that the game is a puzzler as puzzlers need be in a 3D space and a very unique spin on object orientstion. You will not be disspaointed if you like to think critically or are into great visual design on the App Store. Hit the buy button right now as it is only a buck.

I have also noticed that Hamster on Coke games has other puzzlers I haven’t had a chance to try yet like a game called Zenge. I have already hit the buy button on that title as well, being it is only a buck as well, and so far the impressions have also been positive. Like I said, I think Hamster on Coke Games has a good future going with such a name for a studio itself, not to mention the captivating puzzlers it is unleashing.

Check out their website here, you won’t be dissapointed.


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