Impossible to Get Malware or Virus on iOS? Think Not

I ran into this article from MacRumors, recently written, about the new rules Apple has implemented for App Store developers cresting content for iOS devices. The article mentions how Apple is actively trying to precent developers from creating and marketing anti-malware apps because supposedly the App Store is fully secure or bullet proof from viruses and malware.

MacRumors writes, Apple has been removing anti-virus and anti-malware apps from the App Store since 2015, in an effort to prevent customers from believing that it’s possible for iOS devices to contract viruses and malware. Popular anti-virus app VirusBarrier, for example, was pulled from the App Store in March of 2015. Though there’s been an unspoken ban on many of these apps, it’s now official.

I found this very interesting because ai know from first-hand experience thst malware can and does impact iOS devices as I’ve recently had the displeasure of my iPad being infected with malware. I don’t know the exact site I visited, but I do know that because of that visit I periodically have to deal with new tabs opening in my browsers with ads showcased, mostly related to virus scanning or malware infecting my device.

Here are some images of what I have to deal with and it impacts most of my browsers, including both Safari and Chrome:



It directs me to some ad saying I am infected and need soecific software, and I have to select yes or close the browser tab, but if I don’t close it right away I have to click ok and then close it. Luckily, because of the fact all iOS apps have to be signed by Apple and released on the App Store, it doesn’t sutomatically start downloading any aoftware like I remember Windows malware usually does. So that’s a plus, but don’t believe Apple’s hype and the fecent changes it is trying to implement by target anti-malware developers.

adon’t be fulled, although the malware is mostly just a headache of me closing browser windows, and doesn’t force me to install software or erase any of my data, it is still annoying. I am still waiting for ways to fis this issue. ait doesn’t appear everytime ai browse the net from my iPad, but it does at times. It is an issue. Anyway, with that said, lets hope iOS 11 has a fix.



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