More of my Art with Possible Ad Ideas

So, I’ve found more of my art today I did in pastels and this ar pperfectly illustrates the type of skills I have or content I can create for your company. If you are a game development studio, or a publishing house of fantasy writing/novels, take note.

This is because I can do cover art for you such as this or new content, can spice it up, and even combine pastel/grafit/charcoal work with some graphic design on top.

My idea for an add for the first piece below would be, “Those Brave Enough May Enter.,” with something like “Welcome to Spiderweb Software” underneath it. Another example would be, “Survive or Perish: The Choice is Yours” then the “Welcome to Spiderweb Software” or whatever your company (or studio) is called underneath.


For this one, I could add text to it such as, “Choose Your Path, Mark Your World, or Perish Trying.” Another idea is, “Will You Make Your World or Just Live in It?” Then the “Welcome to Spiderweb Software” underneath.


I am good with catchphrases on top of the type of artwork you see, which I myself think is good, so there is a good set of skills there I can offer. Some other ad catchphrase ideas:

“You Will Fight. You Will Conquer. Then You Will Die.”

“Make This World Or Perish In It: The Choice is Yours.”

“How Will Your End Be Remembered?”

“Only Those Brave Enough to Enter May Play This Game of Life or Death.”

“Choose Your Path Wisely or Die Trying.”

Some ideas for game (writing) content I have as well (for a better scan using Adobe Scan app with good visible writing and cropping click here):

Jeff Vogel, from Spiderweb Software, or any other game developer who wants to work with me, please lets talk. This is just a small ammount of samples of my work and what I can offer — some ideas thrown at you if you will.

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