Found my old AppAdvice Profile by Chance

IMG_1639So I was applying for a writing gig off Craigslist and I realized many of the sits I used to work for are now defunct — such as iPadmodo/appmodo and Trainsignal. This makes a freelance journalists/writers life hard because I can’t show these oublished samples to prospective employers or clients — only menion them in passing.

However, I was lucky to find one gig I had, which was paid and which is still active and where my profil can still be found. This was none other than AppAdvice, an interesting iOS app site with mostly daily news on app updates, releases and happenings in the iOS world (it may include Android now, but ai am not sure and remember it stictly being an Apple site).

Well, for those holding onto your seats in anticipation here is my porile:


As you can see, I still have a pofile pixture displaying, although I was in mid mid-to-late 20s then. AppAdvice was really a great experience for me as an up-and-coming tech writer, the only negative I recall were the rates and heavy CMS process of uploading the blog posts while dealing with an editor active behind your back.

It wasn’t a writing gig that made me much money, but what it did do for my early writing career was it gained me some treat exposue and experince covering a topic and medium I loved and continue to love up to this day: App Store gaming particularly on the iPad. This brings me to my nst point: I may apply with the site again and even though their rates may have rmained th same, I can use any exposure I can and any funds I can starting my life over her in europe.

So for now adios and check out the site if you have the chance for iOS news and information on a wide range of apps from gaming to productivity based offerings.



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