Using the iPad to Turn Pencil Drawing Into Something More

I recently decided to experiment trying to use my iPad and stylus in order to turn one of my pencil drawings into something more digital and alive. This drawing I decided to work on I thought is almost medieval or game-like in appearance and could be used for game cover art or something similar (poster, album cover, etc.), so that is why I choose it. It is currently available in its original form — and has been for a while, thus you may have noticed it — in the Artwork section of this site.

The way I spiced it up, and you will see the overall process of progress below, was done all using the iPad, a stylus, amd some filters within an app called Artstudio Pro. I also ended up adding or changing bits and pieces of the original to make it quite different from its original form and more vivid. Here is how the step-bystep process and progress that I am showcasing as the artwork went from a simple hand drawing to a digital and colorful piece:













Here is the final piece or close to my final vision for it. I took the bottom of hanging latter out cause it didnt make sense with the water fall there as that is farther back and cliff is in front. Also note how there is no mouse this time like there was in the original pencil drawing, but a cat somehow materialized instead.


[Edit] I’ve decided to keep working on it (hence the new feature image) and turn it into an ad for this site of sorts (and below that a further revision of the weapon or iron hammer):


Some more variations:


With some text thrown in for good measure and the filter effect fixed that made the arms on the figure on the left too wide and too narrow in places:


I have also been exploring in creating multimedia content by adding up previous hand-drawn work with photography and graphic design into something I will reveal and showcase soon. The iPad offers many unique illustration apps that can be combined and turned into something special.

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