Creating More Robotic-Themed Graphic Design

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have noticed that when I first started learning Adobe Illustrator I created a robot and some background. Well, I have dedided to continue on this sci-fi theme and with some added photography, I have created a whole scene. However, before I get to that, here are two Forbes articles where my robotics work was showcased:

The way I created the original pieces was that I combined photography with vector-based objects (like the robots and the flying triangular drones) via Adobe Illustrator. The image below was the original piece I created using Illustrator with a theme related to artificial intelligence. As you can see, I added text with a colored font (Illustrator does not have great text options, but yea the fonts sucked) related to AI. The bottom scenery was a traced photograph I also did myself using an iPad camera.

Here is another graphic I had already created and if you clicked on the Forbes sample above, you would have seen it. I created it combinging photography with the robotic graphic design.

Today, I decided to continue working on the graphic or the theme of robotics using my iPad. I used Procreate and Artstudio. Here are the results:

As you see, I’ve had to alter the robot in the background coming out of the cloud, quite a lot. By the way, that cloud behind the rear robot was a photograph of the night sky I took here in Warsaw one night. The rest of the clouds and myst I have added via digital brushes however.

I may still work on this when I get home and have access to Illustrator, as I am having a hard time recreating the colors and gradients to the way the first robot looks with the rear one. I have the asset somewhere so could just overlay it on top as well if I find it. Also, I do not really like those cage brushes I added to the initial robot, but made the mistake of creating it on the same layer as the whole graphic so just worked with it later on Artstudio for iPad.

Overall, I like to call this piece and the various variants, ‘Robotic Revolution.’

[edit] After publishing the piece I have decided to keep working on it a bit and take out the cage or Grid brush section and added a bit to it some more:

Here is my latest draft. I have fixed the holo type of antenna rings on one of the robots, and also altered a couple of little minor things here and there:

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