Working on New Machine Learning Article, Graphic Design

[Edit] Here is the article for Pluralsight that got published:

It was shortened a bit and the graphic design did not make it as they’ve decided to publish it in the guides section, which are all text and little to no visuals, and not like originally planned due to them not done with the new section they want to implement.

Here is another version I wrote discussing different things or aspects of AI as a whole and not just machine learning. This one is self-published with my graphic design included and was picked up on medium via Chatbots Life, a digital magazine:

Machine learning is a huge topic right now. It is a very hot and growing industry for aspiring software developers to learn about and businesses to start implementing to stay ahead of competition. Machine Learning (ML) is actually a subset of the greater Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and it also includes deep learning, which is a subset of machine learning.

It consists of concepts or paradigms like a learning computer being able to improve operations through the use of specialized algorithms that allow it to learn from its mistakes the longer it stays operational. Big Blue or the predecessor to IBM’s Watson AI was able to defeat a chess champion way back in ‘97 and this started a precedent for similar defeats as of late in other games and tests vs humans.

Here is also a great documentary worth watching courtesy of YouTube and PBS Frontline related to AI:

This topic actually is making me consider starting a whole AI or ML website or think tank for companies to tap into. However, for now I have written an article and submitted it and awaiting edits.

I have also created some graphic design the company may use or others who want to work with me on other AI ideas (I may also start the think tank using such ideas). Here are some of these images I created:

Some older designs these came from:

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