Working with Multimedia Ideas for Art, Graphic Design

During this Coronavirus pandemic, going on right now, I am stuck home a lot more than usual and this kind of opened me up to new creative thinking. I also am continuing to harness my graphic design skills, watching YouTube instructional and taking more Udemy courses in this field.

Even though my profession and education mostly consists that of journalism and to a lesser degree technical writing, I also did a Photoshop and Illustrator course during my undergrad year’s, an art history course and a pencil drawing course. This, I am not entirely self-taught in graphic design and art, but have no actual degree in it.

Despite this, art and graphic designs wee my true passion outside of investigating journalism and I will continue to expand my skills in this regard.

You may have seen my recent post, highlighting various design ideas related to fantasy or role-playing game (RPG) design. Take a look at the character holding the hammer in the background from those designs. I drew him some years ago from a Wonderful historical magazine called All About History about the Battle of Hastings.


The article had an image of a man holding a weapon on the upper right hand side I drew on paper using lead. I have later went over this character this digitizing him and hence why you saw him in my fantasy piece recently.

However, I decided continue with this idea and even found the article again and wanted to implement it into some sort of a multimedia art piece. I made it look like a board game of sorts, but added onto this idea expanding it. Here are some of the ideas I came up with:



I am thinking of creating some sort of a motion graphics using the GIF format from this idea using Procreate. Keep in mind, everything created here was on the road and I may include some Illustrator ideas here if I create them as well.

Here is a quick motion I have already created using this figure using a different, albeit similar idea of combining multiple media types:

Below are some traced Adobe Illustrator versions:

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