So After a Long Absence I’ve Decided to Update the Blog

I have been continuing to write here and there, including a recent Krakow Post piece that was heavily edited and didn’t represent my more controversial and thought-provokijg work I’ve sent them, but at least I am branching out on topics and delving into politics a bit. The end of it was totally added as I didn’t see any protests or right-wing dissent (I left before thst happened), however the editor decided to add that in making it look like I wrote it and using other AP sources. However, again I am getting more branched out and getting published, which is always good.

Besides writing and researching new tech, I have really been getting into pastel art, especially related to eastern european history and great battles or kings of the past. Jan Matejko, the great Polish painters of events in our history such as the Battle of Grunwald (1410) where Polish and Lithuanian forces destroyed the Teutonic Knights’ order. I have also been getting into video editing and learning how to both shoot on an iPad and edit on an iPad (I’ve been using iMovie iPad/mobile fully and learning the ins-and-outs of it). Here are some recent samples from my new home of Warsaw, Poland:

EDIT: New Content Below (been getting back into video editing and producing slideshows or collages from my iPad using Facebook, iMovie, and more):

Warsaw Street Art (urban)

Tour Bus Through Warsaw Centrum

aby the way, if you have been trying to reach me anytime during the last year or two on my e-mail, I lost this e-mail due to forgetting the password and/or not logging in for a long time to the server. Please, contact me at or send inqueries through the gmail address.

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