A Comedy Short I’ve Made All Using iPad

Ok, so you guys may know I am currently living here in Warsaw, Poland and enjoying myself immensely. Not lomg ago, I was sitting in Warsaw’s trendy Nowy Świat street and noticed a funny guy talking to another man who was ignoring him while feeling obviously agitated. The guy talking was on one, literally.

I have seen him before around, but never heard him talk. I know Nowy Świat (trendy Warsaw street) is his arena, but never knew the potential of this man till he opened his mouth. He was literally teaching the other man about his philosophy of life.

He started taking about Beverly Hills and how it is full of “money money people” and that has to do with film making. I also heard him talk about living under communism and how awesome it was, and who he wss back then, but unfortunately that footage didn’t record right (there was background music blocking the audio and it is under “Cygan Warszawski 2”).

Here is my translation what was said with the video below I shot and fully edited on my iPad:

“You know the street Beverly Hills? What? How they have money money on their accounts. And you want to know why they have money money on their accounts? Because they wanted to enhance / prolonge people’s lives in the cinemas, on cameras. Do you get it? Just wait and you’ll see. I’ll strengthen you still. And do you know what fuck you means?”

Anyway the video shot and edited by me:

Hope you enjoyed it as I am trying to make it viral similar to the Polish “Cygan” video that went viral some years back about the worker who threw his billboard off himself as he got hot asking how much money he made.

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