More Gaming Style Artwork I Am Creating

You may have recently read my blog post on creating game art — or really digital artwork that could be used for in-game title screen, transition sections within games (in-game), box cover art for games (or even books and music albums), or as simply cocept art. Because I started doing game reviews for TouchArcade recently (here is my review of Super Hydorah — a similar game to some of the images you will see below in concept or theory), I got indoired to start creating some game art again as well as continue my skills with vector work. Thus, on my free time one of the things I continue doing is improving my graphic design skills. I love to work on a combination of apps or programs and there are benefits and downfalls to this approach.

I really enjoy using a photo or an asset I drew either with a physical pencil or on my iPad using a stylus and either Artstudio Pro or Procreate and importing the drawing i to Illustrator on my Mac. Then, I will sketch or trace the drawing using software within Illustrator to vectorise it thene expand it (this is a thing expanding artwork in Illustrator). That way, I can edit the individual lines or paths and even turn the object into a live trace then color i dividual sections.

Anyway, I started out with this photograph I took on my iPad of a face in water here in Warsaw:


Then I did all sorts of things with the face after tracing it and vectorizing it into Illustrstor. Before you start nagging that the images I show here are rasterised (bitmap files), they probably are due to me right now uploading them from iPad after I turned them into PNG images or took screenshots. I may upload some pure vector assets soon (I ended up uploading PDF/PNG files of a high-fidelity quality with vector trace to the bottom of this post). I also rasterised some of these images on purpose, in order to upload them to my mobile devices so that I can showcase them on Instagram. Also, I like to use bitmap backgrounds to add into Illustrator while having the objects or foreground (top layers) vector. However, as you can see with pdf file on bottom of this post, I can simply trace and vectorize bitmap backgrounds anyway.

Here is a graphic up close from above, which I created turning the head photo via skews and effects and my own use of tools (such as the pen tool) and into a boss (in terms of video game bad guys or bosses) or a high-level being of sorts. In fact, I already have many ideas for machine learning or AI art in using this asset. I also think that this would work well for either game box art for something like Gradius or Super Hydorah (or something similar) or a concept art for a schmup:

Here is just something wild I did with the graphic or asset or object in terms of context and my own imagination going wild — by the way, the two graphics below were not part of the karge set above at all:

I am still working on additional ideas using this asset and have more I have not uploaded just yet. I can also use any of these assets i to other ideas you may have or concepts for work you may need. Contaat me and we can do something cool and creative — whether in raster/bitmap, or pure vecotor or a combination of raster background inserted into illustrator and saved as a pdf or png or something at 300 PPI (if PNG file, which I also made some, although PDF I believe is as high as it gets anyway for printing or other purposes).

I am flexible and would love to have some clients right now. Game art, dover art for games or books or music albums, concept art, or anything else — I am interested. Hope you enjoyed my artwork and strange ways of thinking outside the box. Feel free to contact for assignments or projects, or we can work out using my existing work for your brand or having me add text as well.


By the way, I have been using the same face asset for previous work as well in case you missed it here is my previous post showcasing some of the other stuff I’ve done with it.

Lastly, after writing all this I created something else from these assets I wanted to add:

Here are some files imported straight from Illustrator and the head was traced in using the sketched art preset and set as black and white. The first and second files are in PDF format and should be pure vector work. The second, I uploaded as a high-fidelity and high-resolution PNG file at 300 PPI. I am not sure if PNG keeps the pure vector format, but the quality is good (WordPress also let me embed it into the post unlike PDF files):

Sample 1

Sample 2


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