More Schmup Concept Artwork

I have been working on more ideas related to the graphic design assets I have and combined with my recent play time with Super Hydorah, my review (plays surprisingly well on iPad with its touch controls), I have decided to use the game’s concept into my own. This type of art is interesting because it lets my imagination run wild and at the same time experiment with multiple apps and brush strokes.



I have also decided to start using my iCloud Drive and it is a real asset to save my work in multiple format. That way, I can print a PDF file in high quality. This can be useful, for instance, if someone wnats to ever work with me in creating a cover or box art design. Alternitavely, I can sell such artwork or create print out ads. By saving files in multiple formats, I can also export such work into Illustrator for vector work or even to turn a whole design into vector by sketch, or continue working on it in the future.

I have a PDF file of most of the images above as well as PSD for Photoshop and Procoreate/Artstudio work and PnG for exporting onto the Web.

Here is the PDF file, which should make a nice print out

By the way, this is a continuation of my previous post using similar assets in different ways:

Lastly, here is something else worth contemplating:


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