Autonomous Vehicle Article & Artwork

2d93d389-2555-4c02-872c-27c3393eccb5I have recently published an article on Forbes related to autonomous vehicles, which you can read here. I started thinking about how I would add artwork to the piece as I was publishing it and I started to remember how one time I got inspired to turn a hand-drawn artwork into a digital design. Thus, I tried my hand at experimenting by hand and ended up using charcoal this time in order to draw an interpretation of driverless and computer-powered vehicles. I also added a computer screen of sorts and a robot on a skateboard-like propeller.

This was a very quick rough draft that is still in the working phase and the keyboard obviously suffers as a result.

The idea behind it is that one of the vehicles comes out of the display similar to AR or augmented reality while a keyboard sits in front. I then realized that the display is not really connected, but changed this a bit in my colored or last variant (look for the last version below).

I also did two main versions: one with a keyboard I created in Adobe Illustrator and another purely abstract based on the original drawing. Here are the main samples as I used them in the piece that were mostly done on iPad using Procreate and the charcoal scan:

I used a combination of different apps and approaches. I took a screenshot of the charcoal image and when it was ligned up right or horizontal in Artstudio HD/Procreate, I started working on it.

This is the mostly Illustrator version (you can see it above as well) where I used less ipad and more of my Macbook Air to create it:

I scanned the image on iPad using camera and imported it into Illustrator hence why the shadow was done nicer with the effect way rather than me doing it by hand.

I used a filter or effect to get it to look like that and the shadow obviously turned out better. However, I do like the abstract nature of the way the images turned out without the use of Illustrator as well (Procreate and Artstudio). There is both goodand bad or stylistic differences in both approaches. The article is available here again and focuses on driverless technologies or autonomous vehicles:

[Edit] Below I have published and slightly edited or revised the article on Medium since it is no longer available on Forbes and created some versions since publication I kept working on:

Here is a screencap of how the aforbes article looked as it was republished and picked up by Flipboard:

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