Yelp Needs Serious Work on Tablets Particularly the iPad

I have realized that many tech companies coming out of Silicon Valley or ones with big-name recognition are much more hype than they are worth. I recently expressed my opinion about Twitter, Apple and now will express the same about Yelp.

Apple has actually came through and corrected the mistake or bug it had (or at least it went into my account and corrected it after my complaint) with Apple Music and foreign store accounts (in terms of geographical region). So I will take back some of my criticism of my favorite tech giant alongside Nvidia and Google for now.

However, Yelp is another story. This company does not take the iPad seriously or even as anything other than a large iPhone. It forces us iPad users to go to the app which is essentially entirely iPhone-focused and lacking in almost all features.

I click on this link and it sends me right away to the app, at least via the iPad Chrome browser. To actually access the web version from iPad is no easy task and takes fiddling with browsers and prompts.

You want to know how lacklaster it is? I am still trying to figure out how to add a simple photo to my profile from my iPad. All the instructions I ran into vis google search point to going to the about me section where it is essentially non-existent within he mobile app:

(Note: unlike Chrome, Firefox gave me this option on iPad).

This reminds me of just how important the upcoming iPadOS 13 will be to take care of this problem with browsers automatically switching to the mobile or phone versions on iPad and even forcing you to use the crappy UI and actual app not just mobile browsers associated with the social network or site.

It really is sad how even around 10 years after the original iPad launched, tech companies like Yelp are still treating it like a big iPhone or just forgetting it and other tablets exist as a separate computing device from a phone. Hopefully, the upcoming iPadOS will pave the way for this sort of support to die off; or should I say no support at all specific to the device.

Even besides all of these complaints. Try editing a review you previously submitted from a mobile device and get back at me in how seamless and easy it is. You cnanot do it from the main menu of your profile but have to navigate to the busienss in question.

There are other complaints, but I will leave this rant alone for now as I am tired of typing. It truly is amazing how a profitable and big-name company can get away with this and treating the iPad like a non-existing device: a smartphone.

I do want to point out that I do have similar issues with WordPress as I do with Yelp. Currently, every time I visit my WordPress site, which is this one, and click the edit button within a post after clicking on it, it takes me straight to the mobile app. This seems to also be a pretty recent thing as before I was able to access the Web version’s editor and CMS easier.

However, at least you can easily add images or things to your whole site or blog posts one way or another (whether through web or app) on iPad. With Yelp, it literally was impossible for me to find even basic things like adding a profile image to your profile. These features keep changing, are hidden or they are entirely missing. Hopefully, the upcoming iPadOS will address companies forcing customers to go directly to the mobile apps from their browsers, but I have a feeling Yelp needs to fix a lot of its own problems without Apple involved.

And by the way, in case anyone doubts me or Yelp is reading this and doesn’t think the iPad experience is bad, check this out. You cannot even remove a review from an iPad or a „mobile device.”

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